Ph.D. Program Admission Requirements

Admission to Doctoral Study Requirements 

Applicants interested in applying to the Ph.D. program in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences should apply through the Graduate Neuroscience Training Program (GNTP).  This program is a centralized application process and candidates will be reviewed by the faculty in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences for consideration to the Ph.D. program in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences.

The Graduate Neuroscience Training Program APPLICATION FORM LINK HERE  (Deadline: December 1st)

In addition to meeting all of the University and College requirements for admission to graduate study, applicants for the Ph.D. program must meet each of the following criteria:
  1. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university
  2. A quantitative score of 155 or higher on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE waived for Fall 2021 entry)
  3. A minimum 3.0 average in the last 60 credits of undergraduate work
  4. Approval for admission to the Ph.D. program by the faculty of the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences

Transfer Credits

Any transfer credits toward requirements for the Ph.D. degree program must be approved by the program faculty as well as by the University. A maximum of 30 credits may be transferred.

CCSBS Course Requirements

  • Neuroscience 1
  • Neuroscience 2
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
  • Methods in Complex Systems
  • Proseminar
  • A minimum of 5 elective 3-credit courses

CCSBS Advancement to Candidacy Requirements

  1. Formation of the doctoral committee
  2. A successful defense of the student’s research proposal
  3. Submission of Plan of Study to the College
  4. Indication of publication (research paper, conference presentation)    

FAU Dissertation Requirements

  1. A minimum of 12 Dissertation credits
  2. A total of 80 credits with grades of “B” or better
  3. Submission and defense of a dissertation based on original research work in an area of specialization acceptable to the student’s doctoral committee.

Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, the student will receive a Ph.D. in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences.

For more information please contact 

KeylaKeyla Thamsten, MBA, MA

Assistant Director, Budget & Academic Services