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NEW [1/20/15]: Postdoc/Research Scientist Opportunity!!

The Human Brain and Behavior Laboratory (HBBL), Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) invites applications for a NIMH-funded Postdoctoral/Research Scientist position in Human Neuroscience. The aim of the project is to advance a multilevel understanding of real-time social interaction using a combination of brain imaging (EEG,fMRI, etc), behavioral recording and theoretical/computational/dynamical modeling (for examples see Tognoli et al., PNAS, 2007; Kostrubiec, et al., PLoS One, 2015; Dumas et al., PNAS, 2014).

The postdoctoral researcher will be highly motivated and have the opportunity to collaborate as well as work independently within an interdisciplinary team whose expertise spans Neuroscience, Psychology, Electrical Engineering and Physics. Candidates should have a PhD degree or equivalent in a relevant field. Experience with recording and analysis of brain activity and behavior (e.g. EEG, MEG, fMRI, etc) will be considered an advantage, though not a necessity.

The position will be for one year with a good possibility of extension based on satisfactory progress. Salary will be commensurable with experience and along NIMH guidelines. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. Qualified candidates should send a CV and arrange for 3 reference letters via email to: J. A. Scott Kelso, Emmanuelle Tognoli, HBBL, Center for Complex Systems & Brain Sciences, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL USA


Recent Postdocs

Felix Almonte 

My research interests include neural systems in general, especially their dynamical properties, fundamental principles of neural computation, information processing in nervous systems, and their formalization. Currently modeling auditory processing and perception as a dynamical process utilizing networks of nonlinear oscillators, neural fields, and resonance as the underlying framework to account for experimental results. Also interested in realistic simulations and applying the fundamental principles of neural computation to the development of new computation models/paradigms and applications.



Guillaume Dumas

My interdisciplinary project focuses on the embodied and reciprocal nature of human interactions that encompasses neural, behavioral and social levels of analysis. It seeks new conceptual and methodological approaches towards a better understanding of multiscale coordination dynamics.


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Slava Murzin

Electromagnetic inverse problem; non-invasive structural and functional human brain imaging, including EEG, MEG, (f)MRI and DTI.