The Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, founded by J.A. Scott Kelso in 1985, is dedicated to understanding the principles and mechanisms that underlie complex behavior. From the microscopic level of cells and organelles to the grand scale of human interaction, our mission is to bring together multiple disciplines and backgrounds such as theoretical physics, complexity science, cognitive psychology, laboratory biology, applied mathematics and philosophy to tackle the most profound questions of brain, the mind, consciousness, and behavior. The Center is a state of the art, multi-disciplinary research and academic unit in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science at Florida  Atlantic University.  

We address questions such as:

How does the function of a complex system like the brain depend upon its elements and their interactions?

How do genes work together in networks to form and shape a cell?

What happens when a nerve is damaged?

How do our neural pathways shape our perceptions, and vice versa?

How do we control movements, coordinate activity, play and listen to music, and perceive the world around us?

What neural networks exist and emerge when we perform various activities?

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Message from the Director

Steven L. Bressler, Ph.D, Interim Director and Professor

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