Vinod Menon

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science

Stanford University School of Medicine

From Intrinsic Brain Activity to Neurocognitive Networks

Research on intrinsic brain activity using fMRI offers a novel approach for understanding brain organization at the systems level. Since the discovery of coherent spontaneous fluctuations within the somatomotor system, a growing number of studies have shown that many of the brain areas engaged during various cognitive tasks also form coherent large-scale brain networks that can be readily identified using resting state fMRI. I will describe how these studies are beginning to provide new insights into the functional architecture of the human brain. I will synthesize some of these discoveries to present a network model of anterior insula function that highlights its role in detecting salient events, switching attentional processes and initiating cognitive control. I will discuss how such network models help us better understand key aspects of brain function and dysfunction.



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