Research Talks at the Center




Dr Robert W. Thatcher, Applied Neuroscience Research Institute

April 27th, 10am, BS-12, Room 303




Dr Dimitris Pados, Professor & I-SENSE Fellow, Computer and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department, Florida Atlantic University

April 5th, 3pm, BS-12, Room 303



Dr Nancy Jones, Associate Professor, Psychology Department, Florida Atlantic University

March 23rd, 3pm, BS-12, Room 303


Dr Edward Ester, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Florida Atlantic University

January 19th, 3pm, BS-12, Room 303

   West Research Talk

Tim West, Visiting Graduate Student, University College London, Center for Human Neuroimaging

Presentation: Parkinson's Disease and the dopamine dependent (dos)regulation of cortical-basal ganglia synchronization.

JANUARY 12th, 3pm, BS-12, Room 303




Dr. Theodore Zanto [from Adam Gazzaley's Lab in San Francisco]

Presentation: For Better or Worse: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation

chuck chuck

Chuck Cooper [Affiliate Faculty from the Human Brain and Behavior Lab]

Presentation: Machine Learning Techniques for Neuroscience Research