Current PhD Students



Michael Mannino 

My specific research is in computational cognitive neuroscience and involves the investigation of large-scale neurocognitive or brain networks by analysing simulated data from The Virtual Brain Project using computational causality testing. In general, I am also interested in questions in the philosophy of neuroscience and neurophilosophy --  particularly how a philosophical understanding of concepts such as causality, representation, etc., can help clarify those same concepts as used in neuroscience; and how philosophical concepts, such as morality, can be clarified and perhaps better understood with empirical results from modern neuroscience.



Mengsen Zhang

After joining the program, my first research project is to understand social emotion as a dynamic system, the process of which was sought to be described in terms of the dynamic landscape of coupled oscillators -  meaning both the coordinated rhythmic movement of a social dyad and the intrapersonal coordination of oscillatory neural activities. In future work, I plan to explore multi-agent coordination: how complex spatio-temporal patterns emerge, stabilize, and destablize with increased population, and how to connect well-established models on the coordination between a small number of components to systems of larger population.



Tatiana Viena

Main research interests include anatomy and physiology of the thalamus, Sleep Gene Polymorphisms (Per3, Dec2), Neurophysiology of Sleep, Stress (acute, chronic stress, cortisol) and Immunity (I-gA responses).  Currently my research focuses on behavioral and electrophysiological properties of midline thalamic cells essential in spatial navigation and higher order cognitive processes, involving animal models.



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Chad Carlson

I’m interested in investigating bistable percepts in human visual motion perception as a way of exploring larger complex patterns in embodied biological systems in general with psychophysical testing and mathematical modeling.  




James Sullivan

I study targeted gene therapy to stop neovascularization in the eye for diseases such as AMD and diabetic retinopathy.  I currently use animal models to study these therapies.



Jigar Modi