HBBL meeting, Thursday January 24th, 2013 – Dr G. Dumas

HBBL meeting on Thursday, January 24th, 2013 at 4pm, room 401B. Dr Guillaume Dumas will present “The Multiple Scales of Intra- and Inter-Brain Functional Networks“

Cognitive phenomena are intrinsically multi-scale in space, spanning across neural, behavioral and social levels. But their dynamics also span different scales in time. Cognitive neuroscience thus needs specific tools to investigate the coordination of these highly complex spatial-temporal patterns that exist within and across different levels of observation. Functional networks have already demonstrates their ability to describe the distributed nature of how cognitive processes operates at the intra-brain level. Using hyperscanning-EEG recording, number of studies are now able to also investigate the inter-brain level. So far, the functional meaning of such hyper-connectivity measures is still of matter of debate. Nevertheless, it has already shown that states of coordination at the social level correlate with the emergence of inter-brain functional networks across multiple frequency bands. All these results concerned average measurements across either subjects or time, and provided crucial descriptive data on which we now attempt to build an explanatory, integrative account of social behavior. In this presentation I will discussed how both intra- and inter-brain couplings vary in time with respect to one another and in relation to behavior. In particular, I will describe how intra- and inter-individual functional networks have similar dynamics in different frequency bands. Results show how the timescale of their bursting activity adopt a cross-frequency relationships observed down to the frequency associated with the default-mode network. These observations will be discussed in regards of the recent literature of default-mode network and social interaction, and linked with potential neurobehavioral mechanisms involved in social interactions, specifically regarding turn-taking regulation.