Society for Neuroscience 2012: Poster Presentation abstracts


The HBBL will give six poster presentations this year at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in New Orleans.


De Guzman, G. C., Tognoli, E., Nordham, C., Kelso, J. A. S. Assessing memory in social coordination.

Dodel, S., Tognoli, E., Kelso, J. A. S. Tackling the complexity of social interactions: The geometry of neurobehavioral coordination dynamics.

Dumas, G. M., Tognoli, E., Nadel, J., Martinerie, Kelso, J. A. S. Dynamics of within- and between-brain coupling during social interactions emerges on multiple temporal scales.

Murzin, V., Fuchs, A., Tognoli, E., Kelso, J. A. S. Finding neuromarker sources: A dynamical beamformer approach to single, mirror and complex interactions between neural ensembles.

Naeem, M. McGinnity, M., Watson, D., Wong-Lin, K., Prasad, G., Kelso, J. A. S. Mutual Information differentiates modes of dyadic social interaction in dual brain recordings.

Nordham, C., De Guzman, G. C., Kelso, J. A. S., Tognoli, E. Neural and behavioral evidence for ‘social memory’ in humans following real-time interaction.