Visit of Prof. Jeka

jeka_web_photo_1_0Prof. John Jeka, a former Center student and PhD graduate (1992) will receive FAU’s Distinguished Alumni Award at a Hall of Fame Ceremony on Tuesday, April 29.

Prof. Jeka is currently Professor and Chair of Cognitive Motor Neuroscience in the Department of Kinesiology at Temple University and Professor Emeritus at The University of Maryland, where he held appointments in Neuroscience and Bioengineering.

Prof. Jeka is internationally recognized for his work on human locomotion and balance, with a specific interest in how information from multiple senses is fused for upright stance control. He is extensively published and has received multiple awards from the National Institutes of Health, NASA and the National Science Foundation. He is co-founder of Treadsense, a company which develops technology for human balance and mobility.

Dr Jeka will present a talk in BS303 at 2.00pm on Tuesday April 29 entitled: “Being Human: Under-Actuated and Over-Sensed”

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