FAU Neuroscience Seminar–Dr J.A. Scott Kelso


Dr. J. A. Scott Kelso will present “Crick’s Conjecture and the Coordinative Structures of the Brain: Why Neuroscience needs a Complex Systems Perspective” at the FAU Neuroscience Seminar, on April 1st at 4:00pm, at the Engineering East Building, Room EE106 (Videoconference to Jupiter Campus Room MC-19, Room #201 & Davie Campus, Room LA-148).

Abstract: Coordinative structures, functional groupings of neurons, muscles and joints temporarily assembled as a single coherent unit, were originally discovered in the context of animate movement. Crick’s conjecture was about how the brain works. Are the two related? The answer, supported by data and theory on several levels of description (neural, behavioral, social) depends on enlarging the scope of coordinative structures and exposing the limitations of Crick’s conjecture.