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Danielle Bassett

Visit of Pr. Danielle Bassett

Pr. Danielle Bassett was the guest of the FAU Neuroscience Seminar on Tuesday, October 8th. She gave a talk entitled: “Probing brain …


Helen Mayberg visits the HBBL

Dr. Helen Mayberg visited the HBBL today. She discussed with us her work on deep brain stimulation applied to patients with major depression. …

'The Neural Choreography of Social Interaction: How people and brains couple' at NIMH Dynamical Neuroscience XX Satellite Symposium

SfN 2012 Pictures

Have a look at some sights from this year’s Society for Neuroscience conference, which was held in New Orleans, LA. Several members …

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

SfN 2011 Pictures

In preparation for this year’s Society for Neuroscience conference in New Orleans, here are some photographs of last year’s conference in Washington, …