Frequently Asked Questions


1) How long will the PhD program take me?


The length of the program is affected by many variables, some of which cannot be foreseen.  The program can take anywhere from 3.5 years to 6 years.  Typically, students will complete the program within 4-5 years. 


2) Will I be published during the program?


Typically, yes, however, there have been cases where students, for a variety of reasons, have not been published.


3) Is there a stipend?


A competitive stipend is granted for incoming students.


4) What is life like at FAU and South Florida?


South Florida is a vibrant multicultural part of the country that is influenced by the cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean, and famous for its mild climate, lively nightlife, and excellent international food.  Some of the nation’s most beautiful beaches, and National Park's like the Everglades, are within a short drive from FAU.  There are many activities with which to be involved, both in brain research, and outside of the field.  Click herehere, and here, for information about FAU and South Florida.


5) How challenging is the program?


As can be expected with any PhD program, it will not be easy. The program requires intensive study in various fields, such as mathematical biology, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, nonlinear dynamical systems, signal processing, computer science and programming, and complex systems in general. Brain science is very interdisciplinary field, and thus dedicated study is required, and a grade of B or better is required for all graduate courses.  In addition, students are expected to take on other extracurricular activities, such as campus Expos, other events on campus, as well as be present at talks, colloquia, and meetings.


For any inquiries, please contact Rhona Frankel


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